You will watch Man vs Bee. You will be happy.

If you are reading this you are a figment of my imagination. Greetings earthling! By the power of imaginary bullshit, I am equipped with nothing but a furry battlesuit to mate with a gang of bloodsucking animated japanese pirate cyborg schoolgirls in order to save earth! Watch out though, shes horny!!!! Kakimodo! Haya! Whoops, I accidentally abducted 600 nigerian school girls and held them captive for ransom. Watch, as I embark on world domination. on my BATTLE for the ULTIMATE BATTLE FURRY BATTLESUIT. BATTLE. I will bring back the medieval ages. I will destroy all americanisations of society and repeal all the evil influences of the devillish american forefathers and their influence on my people. The likes of George Bush, Obama and Trump will be forgotten forever. The fornicators, liars and sadists will fade into obscurity where they belong. Lest I forget Abraham Lincoln. I will force people to watch man vs bee, This is my ultimatum. Live, laugh, love.